How to not burn out.

I’ve been really busy as of late and thought how I’d share my experience on how to keep your head straight when enduring high hours of work and stress. Spoiler: It ain’t rocket science.

###Sleep### 8+ hours. The moment you cut on sleep is the moment things will start to go downhill.

###Fun### Spend 2* hours a day with whatever it is that you enjoy outside of work. netflix. party. hangout. significant other. games. whatever.

*number of hours needed for fun is different from person to person. 2 works well for me.

###Balance### “Duh”. Obviously balance is tougher when you are working a ridiculous amount of hours but it’s still feasible. Figure out everything you spend your time on, and prioritize things so you know what to scale back when you need to. When I first started to realize my balance was off I had to cut off my open source time; be prepared to miss out on certain things. Budget your time.

Kind of simple but I truly believe there isn’t anything more to it than that.