Let's get ready to Haskell.

##Haskell TL;DR
A functional, statically typed programming language with lazy evaluation, and a type system that has type inference.

##Environment Setup * Download the Haskell Platform * Download Atom text editor * Open up your terminal, let’s set up some necessary dependencies for atom Haskell plugins.

$ cabal update  
$ cabal install cabal-install //if prompted to update
$ cabal install hlint
$ cabal install ghc-mod
apm install language-haskell haskell-ghc-mod ide-haskell autocomplete-haskell haskell-pointfree
$ where hlint
$ where ghc-mod
$ where ghc-modi

##Test * Create helloHaskell.hs

doubleMe x = x + x
$ ghci ./path/to/helloHaskell.hs
$ ghci> doubleMe(2)
$ ghci> 4

That wasn’t too bad! Next time we’ll dig into the basics and try to work our way to this.