Hello world

After reading hundreds upon hundreds of blogs from different people within the software & science communities, I have decided to start my own. I’m doing it for a couple of reasons.

Several months ago I was inspired by Kyle Simpson to try and commit to doing something open source once a day. I think integrating software and science writeups will be a good way to mix up my daily side studies. Github Activity Also, I know what you are thinking, “sheesh not another person trying to simply fill up their github activity.” but it’s not like that. I promise (…resolve()). I’ve become more disciplined, have committed to finishing projects, and have learned a bunch. I’m really glad I’ve pushed myself to do it. Maybe I’ll write a post on that some time; not tonight.

The second reason is my current place of work, is awesome enough to provide an education budget, which I used on buying a bunch of books. Here are a few…

Real World Haskell
Quantum Computing For Computer Scientists (yikes)
Concurreny in C#
The Pragmatic Programmer - Hunt, Thomas
Applied Quantum Cryptography (yikes 2.0)

This site will be where I ramble about what I’m reading; hopefully improving my own understanding. And maybe getting others interested in learning about something new.

We’ll see how this goes. Maybe if writing regularly becomes a thing (and I get better at it) I’ll be more likely to write some new LearnXinYminutes articles.

One step at a time.